Workshops For Parents

Our small group interactive workshops give parents current, unbiased information to support their teens’ academic journey.

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How to Support Their Academic Success

Academic Success is about more than what happens in the classroom. It’s about choosing classes that are a good fit and that provide adequate balance so your teen isn’t stressed out all the time.

  • What should your teen be doing to be on track to succeed, be happy, and discover who they are?
  • What classes do they need to take and what grades do you need to have to get into a good college?
  • What activities outside of the classroom should teens be doing to be successful?

How to Support Their College Search

Applying to college is often the first adult decision that teens will make. Learn how to let them take the lead while staying engaged in the process. Parents can unknowingly give outdated and misinformed advice, adding stress to an already difficult time of life.

Learn the latest information about what it really takes to get into college, standardized testing, scholarships, and more.