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Workshops for Teens

How do you make the choices that are right for you?

Workshops for Parents

Do you have the latest research to guide your teen?

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Maximize Potential for College & Scholarships

We’re on a mission to give all teens the opportunity to create their own unique path to success.

We provide teens and parents with tools and information based on the latest research so informed decisions can be made.

​We believe teens should lead the way to their own destinies, and parents need to stay engaged to help guide them.

Reduce Stress

Save Time

Save Money

Make Informed Decisions

For Teens

Our small group interactive workshops give teens practical tools to determine the right academic choices for their own unique path to success.

For Parents

Our small group interactive workshops give parents current, unbiased information to support their teens’ academic journey.

For Organizations

We partner with school and youth organizations to support families in making critical academic decisions through hosting customized workshops at discounted pricing along with giving cash back on individual and group purchases.

For Sponsors

We coordinate donations from businesses which go directly to the non-profit organizations in support of the services we provide.

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Why do our services involve both teen and parent?

While teens should take the leadership role, studies show that parent engagement has several benefits.

Involving both teens and parents in the process can reduce stress and increase understanding.

Furthermore, due to rising college costs, parents often have to assist teens with the
cost of college.

Can't I just find information on the internet?

There is lots of information on the internet. Some of it is outdated and some of it does not apply to your unique situation.

In our ever changing world, our programs are updated annually using the latest research.

We save you the time of shifting through all the information and customize a program specifically for you.

We bring the perspective of years of experience along with direct
research with families, graduates, counselors, and academic institutions.

Do your services replace my counselor at school?

No. Our services add to what your school guidance counselor does.

School counselors have a limited amount of time to work with students. They are just one tool that you should be using. 

In addition, some colleges and scholarships require a counselor’s recommendation.

Our programs teach you to effectively work with not only counselors but also admission and scholarship representatives, along with other resources, to maximize your college and scholarship potential.

My middle school or high school teen isn't interested in talking about college, what should I do?

It’s normal for teens to not want to talk about college.

Prior to the end of Junior year in high
school, the focus should be on helping your teen discover their interests and giving them tools to succeed.

Some teens are interested in exploring colleges earlier. That’s normal, too!

Let your teen take the lead.

If it’s fall of senior year, that’s when you definitely need to have a serious discussion.

In fact, one of the biggest mistakes that teens make when starting to search for a college is to focus too much on getting into a “good” college.

Prior, to making a college list, teens should look at what things they want out of a college experience so they can find the best fit.

About Pathways 4 Teens

Pathways 4 Teens is headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona. It was founded in 2010 by Miriam Phillips-Gill, a graduate of Stanford University. She is also an empty nester and a mom to 3 highly successful young adults. She has found great joy in the strong relationship that she has with her children.

She founded the business after going through the college application process with her oldest son, who was accepted into every college that he applied to, including Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.

The amount of research the process took astonished her and she was concerned about the amount of misinformation that she received along the way. She felt compelled to share her knowledge about the high school experience and college admissions process with others.

Prior to founding Pathways 4 Teens, Miriam worked as a business consultant, a nonprofit program developer, and a substitute teacher. In addition to, serving on various academic and parent boards. Hence, she used her over 20 years of experience in helping organizations be more efficient to develop a program to help reduce stress, save time, and save money.

For over a decade, Pathways 4 Teens has worked with individual families and school groups providing practical advice to make informed academic decisions. We are committed to creating a  nurturing environment with parental support to help teens thrive on their path to success.


“Thank you again for all of your help and late night hours working with our daughter. It has been a blessing. She got in!!! She was crying with Joy!”

Parent of High School Senior on acceptance to MIT

Over 98% of workshop participants say they learned something that they didn’t know.

Cumulative Survey results from all workshop participants

“Your presentation and panel discussion regarding expectations in college and how to best prepare was very well received. Thank you for your incredible work.”

School District Administrator

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Commitment to Our Community

We have a commitment to giving back to the community. We offer free introductory talks to non-profit groups and events to encourage family time together.

Our teen and parent mentors have the option of community service hours instead of a thank-you gift.