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“No Palm Trees”

Oct 6, 2013

Fall is the perfect time to visit colleges. As seniors make their final decisions on what colleges to apply to, I am reminded of the importance of location when selecting colleges.

When speaking with one high school student, she had made a determination to not go to a school that had palm trees. The parents were really frustrated because many top schools in the academic field she had chosen had palm trees. Hence, the parents thought that this was a random criteria to base a decision on.

However, let’s approach this in a different way. Everybody has an environment that gives them a sense of inner peace and that special feeling of calm. From a relaxing beach, to a serene forest, to a bustling city, only you can determine the perfect place for you. I believe the college you choose should give you that special feeling,

For the vast majority of students, college is the first time that they will be living on their own. Freshman year is a big transition, and being in an environment that makes you feel comfortable can help reduce stress.

There are thousands of colleges to chose from in almost any environment imaginable. More important that the ranking of the school is the ability for the student to adjust to being on their own, and to take advantage of every opportunity that the college has to offer.

So, if you are a senior, consider the location in your college search. If you think about it, this may be the one time in your life that you can take just your feelings into account. Later there may be grad school, job, and possibly the opinion of a partner to consider.

If you are in middle school through high school, students should travel and experience different environments. Only by exploring can you determine just the right environment for you.